Want to modify child support. advice ?


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I currently receive $668 per month for 3 kids. I have them 100% because dad lives out of state, and has been for the past 4-5 years. In our initial court case the judge decided on that initial amount b/c he was expecting another baby and his partner was not working (they also have another child) so he has 5 in total. He was ordered to pay on his own behalf while my state got access to his paychecks in his state. He never paid. It took almost a little less than two years until I started receiving that support taken from his pay.

He visits maybe once or twice a year hangs out with the kids for a few days (usually not a full day b/c he’ll drop them back with me before bedtime). He did have our two daughters for about a month last summer while our son stayed with me. This year he will not have them for the summer break because he chose not to.
He is also now separated from his previous partner that he has two other kids with she has moved back to my state so he has no kids with him all year round. (I have no clue if he pays her c/s)

I have started a new job as well and now pay for medical/dental coverage for all three kids.

I’ve been very lenient and understanding of his life scenarios and I’ve never denied him seeing the children which I wish he did more. They get an occasional phone or FaceTime from him but that’s about it. My kids are also ages 9,7 and 4. I work full time, go to school part time and pretty much care for the kids on my own ! I really want to modify the support to something that is more fair for all of us. Now I’m not sure what he makes but I believe it’s about 18 or 19/hr.
I guess I’m more in fear that he will become angry or his family might be angry as well. I honestly feel like I’m carrying a much heavier load carrying for the children 100% financially and physically :/
@jesusmate7 You can try to get a modification, but if he only makes 18-19 an hour, then I think the $700 a month he is already paying you is most of his disposable income.