Strategy for reducing night wakes from 1 to 0?


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Our little guy is 9.5 mos, he sleeps pretty well honestly, we are very lucky about that. 2-3 naps a day 30-60 minutes each. Reliably goes to bed between 9 and 10 PM. He generally wakes in the morning around 6-7 AM, which is fine for us as this fits our schedule. He wakes up during the night usually 1 time between 1-2 AM for a feed and he's back to sleep by the time the bottle is done. Sometimes takes a couple minutes of rocking to get him ready to go back in the crib. He has the occasional nights where he wakes up an additional time, but that's normally when he is sick or teething pretty bad. The 1 time wake ups is very manageable for me and my wife, but we'd like to get him sleeping through the night. What are some good strategies for reducing the night wakes/feeds from 1 to 0?
@paramedicmrs Move to two naps so baby is appropriately tired and then slowly reduce the amount you offer in the bottle. If they don't stop waking by the time you're at 1-2 Oz (30-60ml) then you just let them CIO.
@paramedicmrs Strictly speaking from my experience: Our LO woke up one time throughout the night out of habit. We decided to stop giving him the bottle, and just rocked/soothed him back to sleep. Eventually, we stopped responding to the wake up right away. We gave him time to figure it out and he slowly did. It didn’t take long for him to stop the wake up.

Just wanted to share because sometimes you don’t have to do a whole lot to get the change!
@paramedicmrs I night weaned at the same age and it was great, just reduced the time per feed and then he stopped waking. He always was similar times every night and therefore I knew it was a habit.

4.5 months and counting of STTN!

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