Should i stop taking the pill before going for Covid 19 Vaccine


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Hi guys, anybody here went for covid-19 vaccine and still continues taking birth control pills.

I am hesitant to start my box of marvelon pills. I have a vaccine appointment on 6th of May.
@sonicsicall Why are you hesitant? What are you concerned about?

Editing to add I’ve had both moderna shots while taking a combination pill and have had no issues. Birth control does not interact with the vaccines!
@sonicsicall Do not stop taking your pills. There is zero evidence that the vaccines affect oral contraceptives. I got Pfizer and am on Norethindrone and was totally fine. No reason to stop them.
@sonicsicall I continued taking my birth control through both shots. There's nothing anywhere that says you should stop taking it, plus there are some medications out there that you just can't stop (not birth-control related.) I suggest continuing to take your pills, or if you're that worried, you can call up the place you're getting the vaccine at and ask them for clarity.
@sonicsicall I’m on pills and I did not stop them before or after the shot, and I don’t think you need to either. That hasn’t been a recommendation at all. Why are you thinking of stopping them?
@sonicsicall The blood clot chance is 1 in a million, so it’s really nothing to be afraid of. And that’s assuming you’re getting J&J. Plus, the risk of blood clots if you either catch covid, or get pregnant are WAY higher than the vaccine or taking birth control.
@thisisthemessage The chance of you getting that clot is higher for people taking birth control than people getting the vaccine. More than likely the clot has nothing to do with the vaccine, and I doubt you’re getting J&J anyway. It’s totally safe to take your BC
@sonicsicall I was on my bc through both vaccines and I was just fine. I even just spoke to my doctor about this and she was so frustrated that this myth had spread around. Keep taking your bc and get the vaccine you will be fine.
@sonicsicall I'm on the continuous pill (I don't take the placebo pills) and got my Pfizer vaccine about 2 weeks ago. I have had no issues with my menstrual cycle. I'm 17 and have many health issues and a weak ass immune system. The only issues I had was a sore arm, body aches, chills, and I was fucking tired all day.

You need to continue taking your pills on time. If you stop to get the vaccine, it will take your body time to reget used to the pill again. Talking from experience here.
@sonicsicall Are you asking because of the blood clotting reported with johnson and Johnson vaccines?

It’s a valid thought, since birth control already increases your risk of clots.

I would call your doc.
@racheldawn There are many reasons to stop taking birth control. I had to stop taking birth control two weeks before a minor procedure due to clotting risks. Why wouldn’t J&J be any different? You don’t know her health history, she could be high risk in the first place
@sonicsicall I see that no one likes my comments but I understand your concern. It shouldn’t be an issue with moderna or Pfizer, those are the vaccines that I’ve worked with and we never had any birth control recommendations. But idk if there are specific recommendations for the J&J vaccine.

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