PUMP Act blocked

@kimosabe2019 PA crew- we are really at risk here. There is a lot of movement towards restricting abortion with no exceptions (not even medical!!!) and it will happen if we don’t keep the governor as a dem. Very scary.
@yunus061 I know it won't matter (my senators are Cruz and Cornyn) but I'll send a strongly worded email about how they clearly don't care about the babies they are forcing women to birth.
@yunus061 We all need to just call out of work one day, across the US. How about July 26th? We all calling out? Logging “hysterical woman” as my call out reason in ADP.
@yunus061 Wow, so America is trying hard to make sure that everyone knows how much they hate women. I want out from this alternate dimension, ugh! We are going backwards every day!
@lifeinone Its probably really nice. Over there, we are arguing about whether we are going overboard preparing a nice future for our planet. There's empathy, and logic, and its just less stressful overall.
@yunus061 Too burdensome? My company put a chair in a freaking closet and a sign on the door. What was burdensome was me coming back to work exhausted, depressed with zero sick or vacation time and a whole lot of pressure to be like I was. Then, as soon as they could, they laid me off. That was burdensome.