Oh, me? Just screaming into the void

@andica2006 A part not talked about a ton is the anxiety of this all. We went through same thing. Kids home from waterfall positive at our own home and then at school.

I was having huge anxiety attacks from the kids and then the anxiety of everything shutting back down and having to find a way to make it through again. It’s so hard!
@andica2006 Seriously??? I fricken cruise? What. An. Idiot. Sounds like something my idiot SIL would do. I already prepare for my almost 4 year old to be sick by Friday when he goes to preschool for the week (he only goes Tues,Wed,Thrs). Now I have to worry about what type of sick it is and I give the poor kid a COVID test (rapid kind) before I even think of sending him in to school. So far, he’s had 4 or 5. 😞
@andica2006 Does your school have any guidelines for travel? At our daycare (oakland, CA) all parents fill out a weekly survey and agree to guidelines regarding potential quarantine after attending large events or traveling
@andica2006 My son’s daycare hadn’t had a single COVID case this entire time. Until 2 weeks ago. All staff except 1 teacher are vaccinated. Guess who came down with COVID and then passed it to 3 students and resulted in 2 full classes being closed? Meanwhile a couple of my so-called friends are trying to make it seem like choosing not to get vaccinated is a personal decision that doesn’t effect anyone else. So I am screaming with you.
@andica2006 All of the kids in my daughter’s daycare got COVID this week. To be honest, it wasn’t that bad. They got low fever for the first 2 days then coughed. Compared to past sickness that my daughter went through, COVID seems pale in comparison 😅.
@katrina2017 Every time we have to be away from pre-school for 2 weeks, we lose money and we also have to quarantine away from grandparents who have cancer and my son misses his therapy sessions for OT and PT. It’s not just about the kids getting a mild cold.
@katrina2017 Many kids get a mild case, including mine! We’re very grateful for that. It’s just the threat of sickness PLUS the years of isolation PLUS the endless daycare/preschool closures …. ppl have a breaking point but we’re just expected to push past it. Working and simultaneously caring for a toddler is almost impossible for me, personally speaking I mean
@andica2006 With my second we opted for a Nanny from 9AM to 2PM instead of daycare when I went back to work for all of these reasons. The consistency in care has saved our mental health… we don’t get full coverage but at least it’s consistent. We are hoping by the time our younger is 12-18 months we can consider daycare again. I have the privilege of work from home so that helps. When the baby is napping our amazing Nanny also helps with some tidying up and makes my shopping list for baby items that need restocking, also does my dishes. We had to cut back on other things but we are at least sane.
@andica2006 Our daycare is requiring kids stay home for a week after travel which I’m very happy about! They’ve also doubled down on kids being symptom free (they used to let mild cold symptoms like stuffy noses or persistent coughs slide). I truly hope it’s not necessary for long but I’m expecting my second baby any day and really don’t want to catch anything at all.