Need some internet cheering


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Hello all !

I'm anxious and need some internet cheering.

For some context I hope to be pregnant soon with baby#2. For my first, he was kind of a oopsie (we had planned to try 2-3 months after finding out we were expecting).

So for #2, I tried to be more prepared. I started to take prenatal vitamines at the begining of september, started to calculate ovulation, basal temp, and a lot more symptoms cycle related. I am aware that in my area the average couple conceive in about 3-7 cycles.

I always had a kinda regular cycle, but since I started the vitamines it went all wrong. I just read that B vitamines could be a possible cause.

Here is my need for reassurance : I had 3 very different cycles : 35 days, 23 days and now 39 days. I really this last one was "the One" but several at home tests and a bloodwork told me otherwise (the bloodwork was done at 37 days in this cycle). I was kinda sure of my ovulation date because my temp went from 36.4°C to 36.9°C (97,52°F - 98,42°F) wich is my regular low/high. It has been high since at least 19 days. My periods were expected to start 9 days ago, but based on my regular 28-30 days cycles.

I can't think straight and have been trouble focusing at work because I don't know if I should start counting again for this cycle as if I had my periods, or just wait for them to come ?

Can you share your internet wisdom, and humble cheers to help my mind ?

(sorry for potential grammatical/spelling errors, english is not my first language, as the celsius temp could indicate :') )