NB vs 0-3 clothing size

@niederwaldflash 8lb 3oz baby & 21 1/4 inches long and wore newborn and he had plenty of room in them. We loved gowns so much. If you buy newborn I would recommend going for easy/comfortable vs complicated clothing.
@niederwaldflash My son was born 8lbs 10oz at 1 week past due date. He outgrew newborn clothes and diapers in one week.

Pro Tip: don't wash newborn clothes or open the diapers until you're absolutely sure you need them, otherwise exchange them for a bigger size.
@chevycountry See that’s pretty darn impressive in my book. Baby blowouts won some impressive battles, employing some well thought out sneak attacks at random intervals when my baby found me distracted with some different brands of diapers. He’ll plot a similar tactic, sometimes in succession, if he gets the chance to try to mark the ceiling with his bladder. Then he might mix in a little giggle and some vomit for the third getup before leaving the changing table, all in good fun. So I have to salute your little fella, your work, and say thank you on behalf of your washing machine 🫡
@niederwaldflash I’m 39 weeks and have no idea if my baby will need NB or 0-3 from birth, growth scans aren’t standard where I am and they aren’t always accurate. I think it’s worth having a handful of NB sleepers ready to go.
@niederwaldflash I’d have at least 5-6 sleepers and a few short sleeved onesies, it was hot when my son was born so he spent a lot of time at home in just short sleeves and no pants. You can always get a few more outfits after baby is born and you know how big they are. We got all of our newborn stuff used from Once Upon a Child for really cheap, he only wore them for about 3 weeks.
@niederwaldflash My guy was overdue and is in the 97th percentile for length and is only just growing out of 0-3 months at 4.5 months. He’s my little string bean. I had only bought 2 newborn sleepers thinking he’d not even need them but he was in them until 2 months, I live in a place where “express shipping” is a week wait and it was impossible to find anything NB in town. My midwife also warned me that too loose fitting sleepers can be a hazard while sleeping.

I’d definitely have a few NB sleepers on hand and keep the tags on to exchange them if you end up not needing them.
@niederwaldflash Like others have said, it depends on the size of your baby. My girl (born at 6lbs) is almost a month old and can still wear NB clothes but my nephew (born at 8lbs) only wore NB clothes for a week. As a side note, my daughter can fit into NB clothes still but we prefer to put her in 0-3 except for pjs.