Is 3 almost easier?

@morgannicole555 3 is not easier at all. It’s so hard, someone always needs you almost at every moment. Taking them places alone can be difficult, with two you can hold both of their hands. However having number 3 was the easier, she had the easiest birth and just taking care of baby #3 is a breeze because I feel like a professional. Baby #3 is so amazing and beautiful she’s worth it being harder. They all play with each other and adore each other. I would say the hardest thing about 3 is bedtime and going places.
@morgannicole555 3 is hard. Really hard. It’s loud and chaotic, and it’s really hard managing 3 when I’m one person. The world isn’t made for family’s of 5+ and things are inconvenient. Sometimes I daydream and imagine how simple it would be if I am hadn’t gone for #3…

But. I wouldn’t change a thing. Sure it’s hard to break up the older two rough housing too hard or climbing the pantry while I’m nursing the baby. Sure I literally don’t sleep anymore because one is sick, one is teething, and one is 5 months old EBF. I’m overwhelmed and stressed to the max but I LOVE how much they all love each other. The older two are boys 21 months apart (2 and 4 now) and they’re basically twins (and get mistaken for it in public). Baby is a girl and 5 months so I know I’m in the thick of the worst parts. She’s almost sitting up and I feel like once she gains some independence maybe things will get easier!

(Also all of mine were IVF babies. FWIW, the transfer process is a factor in us stopping at 3, despite having more embryos. It gets harder to do when you have kids at home and going for #3 was SO HARD, but I had to travel for appointments. LocL would’ve been easy)
@morgannicole555 It does get easier. And our age gap was a…choice lol.

I think if they were 3 years apart things would be much easier. The hardest one is my 2 year old, because he’s still so needy while I also have the baby. Things are getting easier by the week though!
@morgannicole555 I thought 0-1 was harder than 1-3 (twins.) I know everyone has a different experience! I was pretty anxious with the first kiddo but with 3 I chilled out about a lot of things because I’m just too tired. 🤣🤣🤣
@morgannicole555 It's... Different. It can be a lot easier as you imagine, but trying to get them to play while all the is currently exhausting (6, 5, 2, 4mo here). They all do extremely well with each other one on one, which always leaves one in the cold and angry. We're working on it.
@morgannicole555 For me, the hardest transition was from 0-1.
I now have 3 kids (4.5M, 3M, 5months F.)
The newborn period was hard, but now that the youngest is 5 months things are becoming smoother, and her older brothers absolutely adore her. I can’t speak to dynamics of how it’s all going to work out in the future. But I can say this is a very busy but very fun time in life right now!
@morgannicole555 3 is def not easier than 2. Like not one bit at all. Way harder. But! It’s way more fun! We had 2 girls then number 3 was a boy and he really changed the dynamic a lot. In the best way! He still is. Nothing predictable here! Though - he was so wonderful we had 2 more after him and nothings easy about 5! Go for 3, you won’t regret it ❤️ I promise.

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