I believe I’m 4 weeks pregnant but my HCG levels the other day was just under 70,000! I’m confused.


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I miscarried back in January which lead to a D and C in February. I bled for about 11 days and then I had my cycle 10 days later. I ovulated in march then had a 11 day long period at the end of the month. 9 days later I had the most random bleed happen. I basically bled fast and heavy for 30ish minutes. A week later I tested positive for ovulation and I think that is the day I conceived this pregnancy. The only thing is at 4w3d ish my hcg test was almost 70,000! Not sure what to think 😮‍💨😮‍💨 anyone have any positive experiences?
A week later I tested positive for ovulation

What date was this? Did you only get positive ovulation tests or did you have negative tests that eventually became positive and then become negative again?
@nicl Ok. Then it’s very possible your last period was not a period, but early pregnancy bleeding and your ovulation tests were picking up hcg, and not LH.
@garryowen True, but I’ve had periods! Is it possible to have bled for 11 days and then 9 days later have a random heavy bleed?
Nothing in my timeline makes sense..even if my hcg was normal!
@kimisurvivor Ya we didn’t really have a conversation about getting pregnant again! Since this is pregnancy #7, (with two babies) I’ve been through quite a few losses. I like to at least wait until my cycle is back to try again.

Update: my hcg dropped about 5300. I feel like it’s an impending miscarriage. I saw a doctor today and she is trying to book me into an ultrasound asap.

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