How do I tell my antivax parents I’m getting the vaccine?

@alessandra I vote you do it and don't tell them.

You're 18... pretty soon you're going to learn there are LOTS of things adults do and just don't tell their parents about... In my own life... like there's so much. Lol. May as well get a start on Withholding Information. It's not a lie, technically.
@alessandra You don't need to tell them, but if you want to then have it done first and tell them a while later. Maybe even after the second jab, so they can't spook you with tales of side effects and you can just say, 'Luckily I felt fine.'

Be confident in your decision. You are an adult, and you can choose to advocate for your own health and wellbeing. Your parents may choose not to get it for themselves, but they can't choose for other people not to get it.
@alessandra Just get it they don't need to know. Your 18 if you want it go get it. Be warned my arm killed my for 3 days and the 2nd shot I got every side effect they said. It sucks but 36 hours later I was fine but my arm still hurt. Lol
@alessandra A lot of adulting sucks, but one of the fun parts is that you get to choose what you want to do with your body and what to tell your parents. You don’t have to tell them anything if you don’t want to!
@alessandra You turned 18 so that means you’re not a minor which means you don’t need their consent. And don’t tell them

I will say though that the only reason I got it was because my child wanted it and the deal ever was always if they were going to get it I would get it
@alessandra It's not their business. Tell them if it comes up in convo. Like a yeah I already got mine shrug it off kinda thing. Your body bro. You don't really need to come out about vaccinating yourself lmao
@alessandra People don't necessarily tell their parents about all their medical decisions, because it's not essential for them to know, and as an adult, you have medical privacy rights. Not telling them is not the same as lying to them in this situation. You are simply declining to share private medical information.

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