How did you reveal your pregnancy to your S.O.?


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Since we've been TTC since January 2016, I had a LOT of time to plot a surprise reveal for my husband... however I knew as soon as I found out that I couldn't wait to tell him, so my big plan was foiled!

I planned on a "Guardians of the Galaxy" themed surprise at home... "Guardians of the Baby". We have a huge dog who looks/acts like Groot and a little cat who looks/acts like Rocket. I made really makeshift costumes for them out of Tshirts. I wanted to decorate the entire living room to look like a galaxy, play the "O-o-h Child" song from the soundtrack, and dress myself up as Gamora, but when I found out I was pregnant I had about 15 minutes to pull everything together before my husband walked in.

I threw everything together as best as I could and set up my camera to record everything, but when he walked in he said "WTF are you doing??". He clearly didn't get it. I tried to explain, but he didn't hear me, and he kept dropping the F-bomb. I was like OMG this is NOT going well, wow, I can't believe this is how he's reacting to our pregnancy!

So, the surprise def didn't go as planned and I can't show anyone the video because it's so vulgar and embarrassing lol. Once he did figure it out, however, he was the SWEETEST and started crying, so all-in-all it went well!

TL;DR: Tried to surprise husband with "Guardians of the Baby" themed pregnancy reveal, didn't work at all.
@narasa12 We started trying 3rd Jan 2015. By the time I got my BFP we were waiting for our fertility clinic appointment which was booked in for early Feb 2016. On 1st Jan 2016 I'd started cramping and spotting and had assumed we were out, so we'd already gone through the grief of another failed cycle by the time I tested for no real reason other than I had a 'feeling' and am a sucker for punishment on the 3rd.

It was about 8am the morning before we went back to work after Christmas and I crawled into bed and resumed my usual cuddle position and whispered into his ear that I thought we might have to cancel that clinic appointment after all and waited for him to register what I'd just said. It took a moment or two but the look on his face was priceless, and will go down as one of my most favourite moments ever.
@narasa12 Ha! I always wanted to tell him in a cute way, but totally failed.

I came out of the bathroom with a Wonfo cheapie and said, "uh, you need to look at this and tell me if I'm crazy." After 3 years of seeing Wondfo OPKs, he thought that's what I was holding. He said, "ugh, I guess we need to make time for it." I realize he thought I was talking about ovulation timing and said, "yo... this is a pregnancy test...." He got wide eyed and immediately asked the dogs if they were going to be a good big brother and sister. So cute. I took one of my backup Clearblue Digital and he immediately snapped a photo to share with his gaming buddies. Called his dad 5 min later.

So, it wasn't a fun surprise, but it was still great.
@ruin225018 Yeah I ruined the cute surprise too :(

My period was 2 days late but I thought there was no way I was pregnant, based on the timing of ovulation/sex that month. I woke up needing to pee at like 5am or something, so I took a test. I didn't bother looking at it I just brought it back to the bedroom and put it on the bedside and was like "eh I'll look when I wake up later, it'll be negative anyway."

Couple of minutes later I hadn't gone back to sleep yet so I thought well it'll have results by now, might as well check. I turned on my bedside lamp and even in the dim light I saw a line. I was shocked but in denial. I walked out to the kitchen where my SO was already getting ready for work and was like "um don't get too excited just in case, but do you see a line?" He said he did so I told him I'd buy a different test and do it again the next morning just to check.

Next day, still positive.
@narasa12 I woke up early cause I needed to pee. It was the day after I was expecting my period so I figured I would test. He was still sleeping. I ran in, slapped him a bit and told him he had to wake up right fuckin now. I then shoved the pee stick under his nose and said "look". All very romantic.
@techguru26 That's pretty much exactly how I revealed it too: up early, day after period was due, woke him up unceremoniously. We don't really do romantic, so it was par for the course. :)
@techguru26 Similar here! Woke up for work, took the test, realized what it said. Proceeded to throw the bedroom door open and scream-whisper "(Husband's name)! Wake up!" Plopped next to him on the bed, turned on his nightstand light, and put the test in his face.
@narasa12 I was in the bathroom peeing and took a test. Hadn't even wiped yet before hubbo came in and was like "ooh, what's that?"

So much for a cutesy announcement! :)
@narasa12 Man, all your stories are so cute and positive!

I've had two previous losses, and we weren't really trying (though not preventing either), so when I started to suspect that I was pregnant, I started getting really anxious and nervous. About a week after my missed period, I decided to test right when I woke up - about 4:30 am.

The second line appeared pretty much immediately, and I took a pic of it to make sure I wasn't just dreaming things, set the test on the counter, then went back to bed. He had woken up, so I just told him, "the test is positive... But let's not get our hopes up this time around."

He just put his arm around me, gave me a kiss, and told me that for now, he'd be excited for the both of us.
@narasa12 I had this whole plan to make him a baby themed dinner (baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby cheesecakes, etc) but it didn't wind up working out, so as a back up I quickly threw together this little box. His reaction was so sweet. He almost cried, hugged me a bunch, and repeatedly asked if I was serious. After a few minutes of that he went and picked up our cat and held him like a baby and said he needed to practice. He also jokingly moaned about how we have so much to do to get ready!
@narasa12 I found out in the afternoon and intended on waiting till he got home from work to tell him. Instead, I knew he would've wanted to share the moment when I found out, so I ended up FaceTiming him! He took the most ridiculous screenshots of me freaking out, pacing, squealing etc....which I'm sure he will tease me with once peanut arrives!
@narasa12 We had been trying for 18 months and in all that time I had never had a positive pee stick. At the end of our ivf cycle, I didn't want to see another blank test, so we went straight with the beta blood draw. Hzsband knew when Inwas supposedbto get the result, but they were late so I had to text him we'd need to be more patient. Finally, two hours and twenty minutes late I rang him up with the biggest amount of happy tears and told him it worked.
@narasa12 I made a card based on the Simpson's episode where apu and manjula get pregnant. They read the test like a lottery ticket (" :( ....wait, pirates are wild!"). I made a test that looks like theirs and put it on the front, and inside wrote "pirates are wild! I'm pregnant!"

We were in the middle of moving at the time so I put it in an old ripped envelope and said like "hey look at this cute old card I found while packing!" so that he wouldn't be suspicious of getting a card. It worked great! I wish I could have filmed it.
@narasa12 For our first, we'd been trying for 2 1/2 years, so when I got a positive test I was floored. My husband was out of town - I got the positive on Saturday and he wasn't coming home til Monday night.

I went to Barnes & Noble and bought a book called "Dude, you're gonna be a dad!" I wrapped it up and gave it to him when he got home from his trip. His reaction was basically yelling, "HOLY SHIT ARE YOU PREGNANT?!" Over and over again. It was fun.

This pregnancy, I took the test again really not expecting it to be positive and it was and I ran into the living room, shoved my wondfo into his face and practically screamed, DO YOU SEE THAT SECOND LINE?! THIS IS A PREGNANCY TEST!!" I was half freaked the fuck out and half really excited. I obviously didn't handle it as well as the first one.