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Hey everybody, what’s up? My name is Chris, I’m 24M and just got confirmation today that my girlfriend is gonna have a baby in January, she is 7 weeks pregnant. So yeah, I’m super excited but kinda freaking out a little too lol it kinda doesn’t feel real yet, but it also feels like everything’s happening fast too lol heads kind of spinning right now haha

7 Weeks

3 tests 😅
@christian006 Congrats!

We are 37 weeks!

My advice is to try and enjoy these next 6 months or so as much as you can. Take some trips, enjoy each other's company.

It both goes really quick but also seems to be an eternity.

Try not to Google too much and just go with what your scans say.

I'm so excited but still nervous as well.
@davidspetri Thanks man. Yeah my heads still spinning a little bit. Half of me is crazy excited because this is the biggest best thing that has ever happened, and then half of me is asking myself what do I think I’m doing there’s no way I know how to take care of a kid 😂
@christian006 I’m right there with you, we’re 10 weeks in. Through this sub i found the podcast dadpod and season 2 has specific episodes about the first trimester and stuff. Good listen.
@christian006 Congrats man! We are 22 weeks and with our first and trying to enjoy each other as much as possible. Our pregnancy was not planned but we are very excited and starting to get things ready. Enjoy the ride