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Hi there! I’m not sure if this is the right subreddit but I’m plus size (about 340lbs & 5’4) and finally have made the decision that I would like to start trying for a baby. My finance and I have been together for 6 years & we’ve always done the pull out method. We’ve had a few scares due to my imbalanced hormones and irregular periods but never actually conceived and that somewhat raised an eyebrow as it seems to just happen for our friends around us. 🙁

I have somewhat convinced myself that since I am my size, I will not conceive or have lots of trouble doing so. I was told unwillingly by someone in an OBs office that I would be “high risk” and that if I had a job that requires lots of standing that would cause me to swell and I’d need to be on bed rest early (I know there is possibility of this but it was sorta of unsolicited as I didn’t asked for this information). Ever since then I’d developed a fear or insecurity about it all.

Fast forward, I eventually talked with an actual OB and she suggested that I of course drop some pounds before trying. I’m definitely on board with doing so, but in the event that I’m unsuccessful, is it possible to conceive while being my size and suffering from irregular periods and an hormonal imbalance? I would like to try naturally before using medications like metformin, clomid, etc. (nothing against these medications or anyone who has conceived with these medications btw!!)

I have a few health issues such as asthma and pre-diabetes. I would honestly love any suggestions, tips, or advice on this and preparing my body! I’ve always wanted to be a mother. 🥺
@chrisrobert The biggest tips I can give to you are to eat as if you’re pregnant and walk every day for 20-30m (build up to that time if need be!); that helped me lose 30lbs before I became pregnant. I did need help with a fertility specialist due to PCOS, but know others who had no issues with that conceiving. Would highly recommend getting an ovulation testing kit such as one from Premom that includes an app, and testing every single day for a few cycles to see what you’re patterns within your cycle average out to be! With PCOS, my OB told me to try for 6 months before coming to him versus the year that you would normally do. Sending baby dust your way!
@chrisrobert I’m 330lbs & 5’7, I have PCOS and was on the pill and got pregnant. It definitely can happen naturally without medical intervention at your size!! I think you can get ovulation tests to help determine when you ovulate if your cycle isn’t regular! Sorry I don’t have advice!
@beautifulyoufitness Thank you!! It honestly give me so much faith and hope on my situation! It has been on my mind so much lately and I feel like I don’t know where to start with things. I’m definitely gonna get some ovulation tests to start tracking things!
@chrisrobert I know someone who spent years trying to get pregnant, to the point where they ended up scheduling an apt for IVF treatments. Got pregnant naturally soon after. I like to think that apt helped her stress less and now she has a healthy 2 year old. Try not to let what people say make you think it will be hard! You never know! Wishing you so much luck on your journey!
@chrisrobert Last year I had really bad food cravings and had to be put on metformin and ozempic, then I changed to glipizide and ozempic and I went from 330 to 280 in like 10 months. And then I kinda lost my insurance in October so I didn’t take my medicine. for a bit and within a month and a half I actually got pregnant without knowing 😂 I found out I was pregnant after I had already been like 16 weeks.
@crazyworld Wow!! Did you have any symptoms at all? I’ve also been thinking about Monjurno or ozempic because my insurance covers most of it! Fingers crossed that my doctor will prescribe 😩
@chrisrobert I did but I didn’t realize that they were pregnancy symptoms like a dummy.😂😂😂 I was super tired and super hungry, but I also worked crazy hours so I thought it was that and oddly enough I couldn’t brush my teeth cuz I would gag at the taste of the toothpaste but that was the only nausea I had. I got my insurance back this year and wanted to go back to the dr and restart taking ozempic but then within a week I found out was pregnant. So I’m glad I didn’t start back on it while I was actually pregnant. I was scared of the size of the needles of the other pens so I only liked using ozempic I’m a wussy 😭😭
@crazyworld Ughhh I hate needles! I have been trying to not think about the part where I have to stick myself every other day lol , but I’m willing to do what needs to be done to get a bit healthier for conception. Also congrats!!! 🥰
@chrisrobert I am in a similar size range and got pregnant naturally… I don’t have PCOS but I had pre-existing hypertension. I will say it took us over a year of trying (at first about six months just casually trying/no protection and then a number of months being more tracking ovulation and timing intercourse, etc.) I had no major issues during the pregnancy, but was considered “high risk” by my doctors and had to go for extra scans and whatnot. However, I carried my baby to term without issue and had a relatively straightforward delivery. My advice would be to focus on what you can control- getting in some exercise, eating balanced meals, staying hydrated, keeping stress levels low…. Wishing you all the best!
@chrisrobert Hi! I was a similar weight when we conceived but am much taller (5'8/9) and didn't have any health issues. It took us about three months to conceive and am 31 weeks now, so it's definitely possible!

I agree with the advice above - try to eat as if you're already pregnant by making healthier choices. Before we conceived, I was already making lowcarb meals for months and was actively following intermittent fasting. I wasn't looking to lose massive amounts of weight but it fit my lifestyle and made me feel much better. I have no idea if that's what helped us conceive as easily as we did, but it at least it can't hurt!

Good luck!
@chrisrobert Why are you opposed to Metformin if you’re pre-diabetic? The purpose of it isn’t for fertility, it’s to help lower your A1C, but the boost to your fertility is just a side effect!

Also, I got pregnant at 330 pounds and age 36. It’s definitely possible.
@chrisrobert So I had wls in Oct of 2022 .. I stuck to my diet which is low carb and high protein.. I went to the gym three days a week I was doing good .. I lost about 110 lbs.. so at 320 lbs in Oct of 2023 I got pregnant.. I started to actually try in Sept .. I tried taking those conception vitamins .. tracked my ovulation because im irregular as well and during fertile days I used pre-seed.. i got pregnant on the second cycle 😃 im 35+6 weeks today and being induced early .. im also high risk due to history of PE.. history of CHF .. prediabetes and now I have cholestasis of pregnancy 😒 but so far everything looks great .. i also gained soo soo much weight back so i know I'll have a lot to do once baby gets here in about 8 days
@chrisrobert I conceived naturally at 370lbs, it’s 100% possible, and my OB has not made a big deal at all about my weight. Only thing is I had to take the gestational diabetes test twice, once at 17 weeks and at 25 weeks. Passed both
@chrisrobert Interestingly enough, you don’t have to lose weight at all, but sometimes losing even a small amount (10-20 lbs) can increase fertility. You can certainly get checked out to see how things are. I’d say the biggest issue can be pcos or diabetes/ pre diabetes regardless of size.