Experience with soft & simple toddler hip carriers like Wild Ride or Dear Baby AU?


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I have a 98th percentile 6 month old, weighing 22lbs. When we're out and about, we use the Marsupi carrier, which mostly works well, and I have a Tula Free to grow coming, so I can try the back carry position.

I'd love to get something easy and quick for the home. He wants to be picked up a lot, but as he's been getting heavier, it's been such a strain on my arms. He also wriggles loads and ends up sliding all over the place. I'm 5'4 and petite built, which adds to the challenge.

I saw these carriers from Wild Ride and Dear Baby Au recently that looked like they could be great for quick up and downs at home. But they're quite expensive, so would love to hear any experiences anyone may have with them?

P.S.: I'm in the UK, if it makes a difference. I also tried my friend's hip seat similar to Tushbaby and didn't love it, since it painfully dug into my hips after a few minutes.

Wild Ride:

Dear Baby AU: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1131750959/baby-hip-seat-carrier-compactbeige-baby?ref=share_v4_lx
@tinaj I wouldn’t buy those, but go for a ringsling.

The problem with these carriers is that they are non adjustable. There’s no full support, you always need one arm to hold baby. And the strap is pushing in your neck and doesn’t spread out.

A ringsling can be just as quick (with a little practice), and does give full support, so you don’t need to hold baby with one arm. And you can spread the shoulder panel, which is way more comfortable. They are also less expensive (little frog has great ones for a good price)
@evowoman24 Thank you for the tips! Ring slings always looked so complicated to me, but maybe it's just that I haven't tried / will need practice!

I'll probably try to find a sling library and go from there
@tinaj Have you tried a sling library? There are many in the UK. They help with finding the right carrier and also with adjusting the current one.
@pashapotte I'd love to visit one. But the closest one is over an hour away for me, which has always been a bit daunting with my slightly fussy baby 😅

Though I might need to just make the trek..
@tinaj I have a hippie Joey and love it! Similar in theory. I never really got comfortable with a ring sling… couldn’t find a spot where the ring wouldn’t hit me/baby, especially by my collar bone. Probably user error, but I gave up lol
@crownfair Haha, I haven't even tried it, and in my mind I'm already crap at a ring sling 😂

Hippie Joey seems to be well suited to all sort of positions though, unlike the ones i looked at. How old and heavy is your baby, and how are you finding it as baby grows heavier?
@cees Yeah, I'm guessing they're more targeted at toddlers, who only want up for shorter periods of time and where mobility is important

But the thread is convincing me to check out a ring sling first!
@tinaj I second the OP question! I was eyeing this Wildride sling for some time and wondering if it’s comfortable. I have a Gooseket and love it but the seat is somewhat narrow and flat in it.
I use regular soft structured carriers for longer outings but something that will allow for easy ups and downs at the zoos, museums and parks is really needed.
@brotherbeedo15 Just an update - I pulled the trigger and got the Wild Ride! (Found it for 20% cheaper while on vacation) Used it only for a day, but so far so good.

I was getting elbow pain from carrying my 22lbs baby on my hip unsupported (especially around the house, when being on the floor seems to be the worst thing ever). The carrier does help take the load off my arm a lot, and distributes it better onto the hip and the shoulders. It's very simple and quick to take off / put on as well, which is exactly what I wanted. Baby seems to like it too, as he can either sit back and take it easy, or has enough freedom to grab at everything, lol.

I haven't pushed it too much yet, but I think it'd probably get heavy on the shoulders after a while (maybe 15 mins?) but for the quick up and downs it's great so far.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions! :)
@tinaj I also got it :p carried both my 23lbs daughter and 33 lbs son for a short period and it’s just right! It’s very similar to Gooseket, but has larger seat and is less adjustable.
Yes, it becomes heavy and can cause shoulder soreness after some time, I find Gooseket more comfortable for longer carries. All in all, it’s not bad at all!
@brotherbeedo15 Hahaha, clearly thinking alike here!

Interesting that you find the Gooseket more comfortable. Is that because the shoulder strap hugs the shoulder more? Sounds like the ideal version has the Wild Ride seat and the Gooseket strap?
@tinaj Yes! That would be perfect 🤩 I carried my son in Gooseket for really long stretches when I was pregnant and there was no issue except the narrow seat. I am even thinking about making someone to sew me a cross between Wildride and Gooseket.
@twins4heaven I think my comment above still stands! It's helpful for holding a clingy baby for ~15-30 mins at a time, but less helpful if I'm trying to do any chores that require two hands. I would say, I have been using it a lot less recently, because my baby seems to have chilled out a bit (he used to insist I hold him standing up when he got tired).
@tinaj Sorry to pop in two months later but how are you getting on with it? I have a 12kg one year old and I’m really struggling with the quick pick ups! How is it for sizing? I’m a UK size 16/18 and hoping it won’t be too small cause I’m chunky like my kiddo! I’m dead keen on it for quick pick ups to the car and around the house!
@pchris I would recommend Gooseket over the Wildride! It is more adjustable and simply more comfortable because distributes the weight better as you can spread the shoulder strap. I believe it will work just fine for 16/18 UK size as I was using it while pregnant. For reference I am 5’8 and was 220 lbs in my last trimester. Now I am 148 and it still fits.