Best pack n play?


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Hello all!

The last thing I need on my list is a pack n play.

I want something that I can use in our bedroom as a bassinet to start with.

Also something that is super easy to set up and take down.

I've used my brother's basic Graco in the past when babysitting and it was so hard to set up and take down that it makes me nervous to even think about a Graco brand.
@littlethndrfoot If you plan to have a changing area separate from your pack n play, maybe look into the Guava Lotus. We got ours off Marketplace for less than a third of what the company charges.

It can be a stationary or rocking bassinet. Once baby outgrows the bassinet, it transitions to a more traditional pack n play. It’s on the floor so there’s no weight limit. It also zips open from the side. This has come in handy for us when our LO wants to fall asleep snuggled up but we don’t want to wake her by moving her from one area to another.

It’s super lightweight, so we also take it to grandparents’ houses and have flown with it as carryon. I also love that we can take off the mesh siding and throw it in the wash.
@fernandonavas One thing to note, the bassinet feature is only rated for 18lbs. So it depends on how long you think you'd use the bassinet. Also, if it's the primary bassinet, it is a little low. I had a C-section and it was hard at first to use. I also didn't want it up against our bed in case a blanket fell in. But we don't regret choosing it! The bassinet was a transitional sleep space for us and the play yard is great.
@righteousbarbarian We got the 4 moms breeze plus too and I love that the bassinet goes the perpendicular to how most bassinets do with the side by side bassinet and changing table. My little guy had so much more room to grow in that one.
@littlethndrfoot Look into the Uppababy Remi play yard if you’re not due for a few months, I have the Graco and hate it so I’m waiting for this to be released to get it, looks super convenient and magic beans has a YouTube video on it.
@littlethndrfoot Whatever brand you get, consider one that comes with the upper layer shelf that can be used as a changing table. We had our pack n play set up downstairs as a secondary nap area for many months and it would have been nice to have the extra standup changing station. We did our registry during lockdown so I really didn’t get to view a lot of our list items in person. And I didn’t know that removable shelf was a thing. Live and learn and hopefully share your experience, right?
@katrina2017 Exactly what I was going to say. After three times assembling/dissambling, you are good to go.

I checked the other fancier ones and the 4Moms and I could not bring myself to pay that much for a pack n play.
@olivia098227 My daughter absolutely loves her Bugaboo Stardust. I have the Chicco version of the Lotus I keep downstairs and she only tolerates it, but she took the the Bugaboo immediately. I wish I had gotten it to begin with and just skipped the Halo bassinet. The mattress is a lot thicker than other pack and plays and they have a sheet you can buy for it. It also takes up less space.

Edit: I do recommend the Chicco one though if your baby isn’t the Princess and the Pea like mine lol I love that it is totally machine washable and has a zipper on the side to open it up. It’s a great price, you can get it at Target or Buy Buy Baby, and I think it is nicer looking than the Lotus. I originally planned to buy a Lotus actually but my sister surprised me with the Chicco one so I kept it because free.
@torm3nted_soul I'm in Canada unfortunately, so I can't get anything from Target or Buy Buy Baby unless I really really want it. My girl unfortunately hates being anywhere other than next to me, so we bedshare. However, when we did have to put her down, she really liked the Bubgaboo Stardust WAY more than the Halo Bassinet too! We got the bassinet thinking we'd get a lot of use out of it, and unfortunately that was really not the case. We're keeping it thinking maybe baby number two will like it more, if not we'll donate it.