6 week old absolutely inconsolable unless he’s eating or sleeping.

@canedunkan I second this! Definitely get your baby checked for MSPI/CMPA. We switched our baby to hypoallergenic formula when he’s 2 months and it was night and day different. It was as if he became a different baby! Much happier, sleep better, and cry so much less. How we found out about the allergy was his fecal occult blood test was positive, meaning he has small amount of blood in his poop indicating bowel inflammation. Poor little guy! But yes, I would definitely push his ped to get him checked. We were lucky our ped suspected it or else we wouldn’t have known!
@gtasoldier I just went through this with my 6 week old she was inconsolable all week and was up every hour of the night I was losing my mind! Then by Friday she was a different baby all of a sudden finally would nap, slept 4 hours last night which is unheard of in this house and even today was not as fussy as she’s been all week… hang in there it will pass!
@gtasoldier Is baby spitting up or projectile vomiting? How may hours are they sleeping overall? Out baby was exactly like this around 3-5 weeks and we thought reflux. Dr said probably colics and gave us some recommendations but what made the biggest difference is getting the baby to sleep more during the day. The only way to do that has been through contact naps and constant movement while sleeping (we got a maxi Cosi chair that helps keep him asleep once we've rocked him). He no longer cries as much, sleeps better at night and is overall a much better baby
@gtasoldier Solidarity. Writing this at 5 am after spending 6 hours trying to get my 7 week old to go down for the night. So much crying and fussiness. Every time we thought she was done, she started up again, fighting sleep. Can’t wait for this “regression” to pass. 😭
@hiskingdomconsul I know, I was watching her eyelids like a hawk and I could see how hard she was trying to keep them open! 😂 she finally went down at 5 and woke up at 9:40 so I managed to at least sleep for 4.5 hrs. Never thought I’d feel so “rested” after only sleeping 4.5 hrs but that stretch felt amazing lol. Ugh sleep deprivation.
@gtasoldier My baby just went through this, it started around 4.5 weeks and he was a nightmare!! We even took him to ER once bc he was crying screaming for 7h. Today exactly at 6 weeks he woke up smiling 😊 I think it was 1st leap + sleep regression
@gtasoldier I do agree that looking further into medical issues is a good idea to make sure there's nothing bigger going on (tongue ties, reflux, infection, etc) but something simpler you can do at home (if it's warm/nice enough out) is just to get outside with the baby more. Get fresh air and sunshine. Go for a walk outside. Bring him to a park and walk around the new sights and sounds. Sometimes the outdoors can be magically healing. My husband and I saw how often Scandinavians bring babies outside and how good it was and now we do too. 9/10 walks our 5 month old will PASS OUT as soon as the fresh breeze hits his face. It's not going to solve all your problems but I hope it maybe gives you a few moments of peace ❤️ Sending all my love and strength from afar. FTM too, it's so hard
@gtasoldier I commented this somewhere else, but my little one was like this for a couple of weeks and my midwife found thrush in her mouth. She’s been on anti fungal medication for about six days now and is like a completely different kid.

Thrush never came up in my Google searches or anything so I assumed the same as you, gas and reflux, and yet none of the treatments for that were working. I’m glad my midwife knew what was up because I don’t think I would have figured it out.
@gtasoldier If you're using formula try hypoallergenic. We were combo feeding and eventually switched to full formula, that's when we discovered my daughter has CMPA. It usually clears up around 1 year old.

We get our daughter's formula fully covered on prescription as a nutritional product in Canada. If you're in Canada you may be able to get it prescribed too. (Edit - we were initially prescribed Nutramigen and switched to Alimentum after a recall caused shortages. Any formula that says it is "extensively hydrolysed" is okay for CMPA babies.)

You can also try cutting allergens like wheat and dairy out of your diet and see if that helps with your baby's tummy issues.

I haven't personally used this, but I hear some parents have success with the Frida Mom Windi. If used incorrectly there are risks like bowel perforation:

Concerns relate to:

• possibility of causing inflammation/bleeding/pain to your infant during or following the insertion of the tube into the rectum

• possibility of introducing infection into the rectum

• may mask medical conditions which mimic colic symptoms, such as Cow’s milk protein allergies, reflux, and rare bowel conditions

It sucks so much when you know your baby's in pain and nothing is working. I remember feeling the same way when my daughter would cry in pain after feeds. Try warm swaddle baths, fully submerged.

Edit - also here's a good list of ways to help baby pass gas without using the Windi.
@gtasoldier I was there mama, I posted exact same thing when my lo was 6 weeks. Hang in there and it will get better. I know doesn’t seem like it now but it will. The turn around for me was 9 weeks. My lo has reflux, gas. I cut out all dairy, she’s on med and probiotics. Now she’s happy little girl who doesn’t cry as much anymore.
@gtasoldier My son finally is a cheerful little guy at three months old. But the first two months were sooooooo haaaarrd. And I was by myself for most of the day so I didn’t get a single break. If the crying gets to be too much I recommend putting in earbuds or noice canceling head phones. I had to just listen to a podcast or listen to music to get me through those times. But I also just nursed him constantly. And most of the time he would nurse to sleep for a little while. It is a tough age though because you can’t play with them really. But it does get way better!!! This is coming from someone who was not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel 😅