37 years old, 37 + 1 day, FTM


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I’m finding it so hard to move, get any sort of exercise. I live in the hottest part of the country, so I’m often inside. By the time 4PM hits most of my body hurts. Sure, I could find the discipline to wake up early enough, because that’s when I have energy. But I distract myself with household things. Is this nesting? I just want to be home! I try not to beat myself up over it. The only movement I get is walking around the house doing some chores. By the time 4PM hits most of my body hurts. I may be looking for some motivation here? It’s so hard to find it inside of me. I’m nervous, scared to fail. At 37 I feel like I should be a full blown adult, and just decide, and do what’s best for me. I’m still learning how to listen to my body though. Am I listening to what my body needs— take naps daily? Or am I being lazy? When do I push forward? I feel this may be a a foreshadowing of shitty parenting. Like if I don’t figure it out before the baby is born, I never will since it will only be more of a challenge when he is actually here. Anyone here in a similar boat?
@sj72109 Sounds very normal for the end of pregnancy. I can't imagine anything worse than being out in the heat at that stage. Try not to judge yourself for resting. You're about to be also deprived for months and your body is working hard to finish baking your baby. Rest is good.

Maybe do a little prenatal yoga if you feel up to it, that's easy to do inside. I did some aquafit classes at the local community center with all the old ladies. That's about it. I took a lot of naps and got massages.
@sj72109 I’m 40. 38+1 and you just described the past two weeks for me. It’s hard right now. It’s hot as balls. I sleep like shit, I have a million tasks that I want done before baby but each one, even the smallest tasks, require rest after. Yesterday morning I did go workout and other than folding a load of laundry I did nothing else. It took everything out of me for the rest of the day. All of my friends with kids have assured me, this is how they spent the last few weeks as well.
@jakesmith99 Phew!! So right after posting, I rallied and walked with my brother to get breakfast. What is it about writing something out for others to read that motivates us? It’s almost like some made up accountability that I created in my head. It was really hot, but the walk was only 20 minutes. Made it back with an ice cold lemonade in hand. We are all stronger than we think. Then I organized the entire baby cabinet. Rest is key. I’m lying down with my million pillows as I type.

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