2 weeks post c section bleeding TMI PICTURE

I am 2 weeks out from my c section/tubal. This is my first c section and I’m not sure if im freaking out over nothing but my bleeding looks like this and it has been concerning me. I already went to triage 4 days ago for soaking a pad in 40 minutes. They gave me a medication for my uterus to contract and expel more blood they told me it would only be heavy with small clots for 24-48 hours. I’m now 4 days from having that done and it still looks concerning to me. I hemorrhaged in 2022 when I gave birth to my stillborn son so I have been freaking out over the bleeding this go around like literally petrified. Does this look normal ?
@yolobutyoucandietwice Don’t see pictures but, hard and fast rule: soaking a pad in an hour or less… too much. Go get checked.

ETA: both my CS I had MINIMAL bleeding. Like, I wore depends and only changed it morning and night. (I’m gross but seen no reason to change it more frequently as there literally was hardly any bleeding) My last CS was a tubal and I’d venture to say my bleeding was even less this time.

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